Dwarf Fortress Modlist

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I am currently working on a pillow-based mod as well as a playable goblin civilization that stays as close as I can to vanilla gobbos. I also tinker with prosthetics but the game really doesn't like it.


The mods I currently stream with can be found in the Steam Workshop Collection "Siinamon's Sanctuary for Dying a Lot." This collection includes:

  • Dizzy's Deadly Caverns
  • Audible Alerts
  • Bourbon's Dark Depths
  • Burn Remains
  • Dizzy's Dog Breeds
  • Leather output scales with creature size
  • ON/OFF Burrows activation button
  • Real Time Combat Log, with combat sound
  • See-Through Smoothing Designations
  • [Vanilla] Deon's missing Plant Graphics replacement
  • Workshop without floors
  • 2.5d Perspective Walls
  • Creature Graphics Extended
  • Alternate Ramp Icons
  • Underground Farming All Seasons
  • Ancient Races (Linked collection [ignore its linked collections])