My Firefox about:config tweaks

Siina Mashek

A list of all the about:config changes I make to Firefox.

Note: some of these settings (or combinations of) may break some sites.

Converting VOB to MP4 with FFMPEG

Siina Mashek

In my quest to cut down how much space some video archives take up, I came across the monster that is known as the DVD VOB format. Or at least, it was a monster at first. Several of my archives are "VOB chains" -- video chunked into files up to…

Making things comfy

Siina Mashek

I like making things comfy for myself, mostly because it’s an excuse to tinker. This post is full of assumptions because it is mostly for me to remember how to do these things, since I always and inevitably forget exactly wtf I did. If you have questions, feel free to…